How you can participate

A lover of books since childhood, Stacey was happy to share great reads with the book club she helped found in 1995 when her own children, Jonah and Leah were still small. Her favourite picture book was Miss Twiggley’s Tree, which she and her husband Sandy wore out reading to their kids.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Stacey helped innumerable children and families through her private practice and her work with the IWK Heath Centre in Halifax where she often spent nights in the emergency room


For those of you who don’t live in Halifax, Woozles can be found online at If you would like to purchase from outside Halifax, you can do that at  Or call toll free 1-800-966-0537.

The wonderful Woozles store can be found at 1533 Birmingham, Halifax, NS B3J 2J6, phone is 902 423-7626.

The books will find a home at the IWK Child Life program where they will help make a hospital stay a little easier for children of all ages.

If you can’t decide what to purchase, simply ask the staff at Woozles to select something off the list supplied by the IWK. Then ask them to place a Stacey’s Stories decal on the inside and Stacey’s book club will get it to the hospital for you.

Stacey (far left) with her book club.

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